Q: Is the DYNASTY Official Rulebook available in pdf format?

A: NEW! DYNASTY League Baseball Official Rulebook 2012

NEW! Pitcher rest rule extension:

Starting pitcher rest on page 9 of the Official Rulebook has been changed from:

0- 1 IP   1 days rest


0-4 IP    2 days rest

Starting pitchers can't be removed before pitching 5 IP if the starting pitcher has not allowed an earned run and is not tired.

Pitcher batting has less than 60 AB

If the pitcher batting has less than 60 AB, the pitchers on the mound facing the pitcher batting all have situation JAM ratings in effect just to face the pitcher batting even if the pitcher on the mound does not have a JAM situation rating.

Q: Why are my Ball park photo backgrounds not displaying in v2.2?

A: IMPORTANT: Installation STEP 3
Copy your Ball Park files from your CD to your DYNASTY folder.
The easiest way to do this is to go to "My Computer" and select your CD Drive (D). From the pull down Edit menu choose select all. Next select copy to folder and select your DYNASTY folder.
NOTE: If you fail to do this step you will not see the ball park photo backgrounds.

Q: Can I use the Groundskeeper menu to change the ball park
backgrounds in the DYNASTY League Baseball Windows version?

A: Never use the Groundskeeper menu to change ball park backgrounds.
It will cause many different fatal errors during the game and it
will not change the ball park effects. These fatal errors will
continue until you delete the game and do a clean reinstall of the game.

The Groundskeeper ball park menu option was designed for testing
new ball park backgrounds and is an option you should never use.

You should always and only change the ball park in pregame setup by
changing the game date and team.

Q: Why is the wrong ball park image showing up?

 A: In pre-game setup, the ball park button shows all the ball park effects that are included in the game organized by year range.  It is possible that the game date year that you select does not fall within the year range of one of the park that you selected and you will need to change the year for that game in pre-game setup to match with the closest year range.  Note that you can select the radio button (all parks to show historical parks).

Q: Where can I find any Errata?


Q: I am not able to get the setup.exe file to launch when installing the game.

A: First check that you have turned off any anti-virus programs that may be preventing the file from starting.  If setup stills does not start you can check your Windows Registry using Regedit:


If the setting listed is (1) your OS may be using long names which are not supported by 16 bit applications.    The setting should be (0) which allows for short names to be supported for 16 bit applications.

Q: I have a couple of questions about the 1957 season: First, and most
importantly, are the players accurately 'carded' on their ability to hit vs. RHP and vs LHP, or is it generic? i.e., both sides are the same.

Michael Bolyog
Camarillo, CA

A: Yes, both hitters and pitchers have actual vs. LH and vs. RH split data included in the new color 1957 season re-release.

All season sets have the actual vs. LH and vs. RH batting breakdowns and vs. LH and vs. RH pitching breakdowns. 

Q: Where can I find box scores and schedules for past seasons for  the Best of Baseball Series?

A: Retrosheet: Box Scores, Schedules, Lineups and League Leaders

Q: How can I save and send Box Scores and Reports?

Any box score or report in DYNASTY League Baseball can now be easily turned into a PDF file that can be saved and emailed. 

First, download Acrobat Reader if you don't have it installed.  For those that have it installed, skip this step.  You can find out if you have it installed by looking at your Program Files in the start menu and looking for Adobe or Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free at www.adobe.com
Next, you will need to install a PDF Writer and converter called Cute PDF.  You can download them for free at:  http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/Writer.asp#download

Download the files on the left that read:

1)       Free Download

2)       Free Converter

 Install the two programs and let them save in their default locations.

Start Dynasty League Baseball and click on Groundskeeper on the menu bar on top and choose Printer Setup.  In Print Setup, click on the drop down menu next to Name and select Cute PDF Writer and hit Ok at the bottom.  

Now you can play a game and when you finish, just select  the option to print the box score in Tabular format or News format and and hit ok.  You will be asked where would you like to save the file.

You may wish to create a separate Box score folder in My Documents or wherever you keep your league files.  Then save the file after naming it.  Itís a good idea to include the date, team names and game number when naming the file.

After that, you may go to the normal procedure of printing the series stats for the series in Statistician/Reports/Player Summaries.  Again, when you click print, it'll prompt you on where to save it and name it accordingly for the series stats.

To undo the PDF writer, go back to Groundskeeper and select Print Setup and choose your default printer.

You can now go to the folder that has the stats and box scores and print them out if you like and/or send them off via email as an attachment!  A very slick solution!

Thanks to Adrian Paredes and Brett Auld for this tip!

Q: Ilegal Function Error

A: If you are using Windows XP OS, right click on your DYNASTY program icon.  Next, select the compatibility tab and check 256 color mode. If you still experience this error you can also select, "Run this program in compatibility mode for W95 or W98."

Q: Type Mismatch Error

A: The only incompatibility issues that have have been found is a "type mismatch" error. This has to do with the video card drivers on your computer. There is a small % of newer video drivers that may not work with the game and you may receive this error. If you have a different and perhaps older machine you may try to install on that machine to see if the video card drivers are compatible. It is possible that the new font change feature in v1.88 may be an issue with some systems. In order to solve this issue with those systems the new font change feature may be removed in v2.0 CD.

There are two solutions if you do get the type mismatch error:

1) Make sure you are using US English language settings in your Windows Control Panel.  Foreign language settings can cause a type mismatch error.

2) If you are using Windows XP OS, right click on your DYNASTY program icon.  Next, select the compatibility tab 
and check 256 color mode.
If you still experience this error you can also select, "Run this program in compatibility mode for W95 or W98."

Q: <Vacant Error> Once every 5 or 10 games, whenever it is the 8th position's turn at bat a <vacant> card appears at the plate, when the starting pitcher bats, the 8th place card appears at the plate.

A: We were able to reproduce this. In our situation, the game was rained out by Thunderstorms and then quit was selected to start a new game. The visiting teams 8th spot hitter appeared as vacant as well as the 9th spot in the order. The visiting teams 9th spot was replaced by the batter on the home team who made the last out of the previous inning.

After exiting the game the problem cleared up. If you Quit a game without continuing to EXIT and play subsequent games this problem will reoccur. 

Make sure that you EXIT after every game instead of QUIT and you will not have a problem.

Q:  How do I migrate my League from one season to the next?


Let us suppose you created an organization associated with the 2002 season and you want to reuse that season for the 2003 season.

(1) Load the 2003 season.

(2) Create a new organization

(2a) The first question relates to the Organization. Select the OLD organization (the 2002 one you created). Select Copy Org Structure. Click Next.

(2b) The next question asks what to do with players. Select the NEW organization (the 2003 season). Select Copy And Keep. Click Next.

(2c) Give the new organization a name, select whatever other information relating to the Org you want and then select Finish.

This SHOULD use the old organization structure including the rosters from the old org but use the NEW players from the new season to fill the rosters.

(a) If a player was in the old season but not in the new, they will not exist on the new organization.

(b) If a player was in the new season but not in the old, they will be free agents.

Q: How can I track player usage?

A: Each player should update the player usage report below:

Player Usage Report

Q: Infield Range Chart key clarification:

A: In the Infield Range Results key:
added Pitcher and Catcher to the following sections of the key:

Infielder In, P and C

Infielder In, P and C

Off-Balance Throw!
Infielder In, P and C

Note: The new 4th edition charts already have this clarification in place for the GREEN Infield IN results.

What this clarification does, is to have the Pitcher or Catcher make the play at home for the above plays only when a runner
is at 3rd.
If there is no runner at 3rd or an infielder is not IN you would use the BLACK results for when 3rd is empty.

This seems to make more sense since the play would be in front of
the pitcher and his first reaction would be to come home. It doesn't effect
the actual range of the pitcher or catcher so there is no reduction. Pitcher
and Catchers can't be moved in obviously and are always considered back,
so their range is never reduced like other infielders.

Q: You Hit & Run and get the strikeout range on the pitchers card but you are not an A-1B. The result is strikeout-runner must steal. This we all know, however, what if you Hit & Run and you rolled in the range for the UMPIRE. If the result of the Umpire chart is a strikeout, does the "runner must steal" come into effect here as well? What if it is a JAM situation and a non-Clutch Hitter is at bat and you roll in the 13th line of the pitchers card which becomes a strikeout, does the "runner must steal" come into effect here as well?

A: Yes, on a H&R play the runner must attempt to steal with the Ė2 adjustment on any strikeout result.

Q: If you Hit & Run and you get the "strikeout-runner must steal", the STEAL chart says the result for the steal is -2 to the steal rating. Is the -2 in addition to the pitcher/catcher combo, just the catchers arm or neither?

A: On all steal results except steal of home, you use both the pitchers hold rating and catchers throwing rating to determine the result of the play. On a steal of home you just use the pitchers hold rating.

Q: On the BUNT chart there is no results if you want to call a "safety squeeze" (not running until contact) if you are trying to get a man in from 3rd. I realize most will say that the play is a suicide squeeze but there are those that just wait until contact. Is this "safety squeeze" built into the "sacrifice hit" numbers or just didnít make the charts?

A: There is no distinction at this time between a safety and suicide squeeze. With a runner on 3rd if you decide to send the runner it is considered a suicide squeeze. If there are runners on 1st and 3rd, you can call for a sacrifice and have the runner on 1st advance to 2nd and hold the runner on 3rd.

Q: When is the roof closed for the new retractable roof ball parks?

Kevin Hennessey
St. Paul, MN

A: Each Ball Park has itís own quirky guidelines for when the roof is
closed, some teams just saying the owner has the final decision, but below
are the general guidelines.

Enron Field
Roof closed when temperatures are in the 90ís or rain (roof closed
temperature is 80ís). Wind unaffected.

Safeco Field
Roof closed when there is rain. (roof closed temperature the same as
outdoors). Wind unaffected.

Bank One Ball Park
Roof closed when temperatures are in the 90ís or rain (roof closed
temperature is 80ís). Wind unaffected.

Roof closed when there is rain or snow. (roof closed temperature is 40ís or 30's).
No Wind when roof closed.

Q: What options are included in the pregame setup game types?

A:  Each game type, regular, exhibition, preseason, all-star, playoff, world series has ten fields of options as follows:

1 - allow starting pitchers to relieve, true for preseason and all star

2 - allow relief pitchers to start, true for preseason and all-star

3 - allow cf -> lf/rf even when player is available on bench, true for all


4 - allow lf -> rf, rf-> lf, even when player is available on bench, true

for all games

5 - allow players out of position, even when player is available on bench,

false for all games

6 - injuries/suspensions/ejections - allow them to carry over to the next

game, this game only, never (prevent them) - set to this game only
Note: Injuries will track in the v2.0 CD

7 - allow weather postponements - set to yes for all games

8 - allow weather affects at all - set to yes for all games

9 - allow rule override during game - set to no for all games

10 - allow batter to pitch - set to no for all games

Stats can be saved for pre-season games, but not exhibition games.

Q: How does the Import/Export feature work for leagues?  We play all games live on the internet. With MS NetMeeting the home team local computer is used to play and compile stats for each series.

I assume after each series played an export should take place by the home team and then send the file to the Commissioner who imports it into his computer. The series files would then be compiled to create cumulative stats and standings. These files can then be sent back to the league members to import into their computer so they have cumulative stats and standings.

(1) Statistics are accumulated in a bucket - which I call a Replay ID. When
you play, statistics are added to this bucket. You can zero out (reset) the bucket.

(2) When you import statistics, you have two choices - pay attention to the bucket of the import statistics, in which case they are put into that bucket (which may be different than yours)


  don't pay attention to the import bucket, just add it to your current one.

(3) Thus, if you are careful about what you are doing, you can do whatever you want. If you aren't careful, you will accidentally create totals you don't want.


For example, let us suppose that you accumulate statistics every month (if you do it differently, you would change the names, but the approach remains the same).

I would create a replay id for each team corresponding to the month -

April, May, June, ...

When the user exports stats, they would export for the replay id in question.

When the commissioner accumulates he would accumulate to that month - that would allow stats to be totaled by month.

The commissioner then would also have a league total replay id (2000 for this year for example). He would export from his own month of April (or May) and then import into the 2000 id -- ignoring the import id.

Users would have to remember to zero out the 2000 id before importing the new 2000 export, or zero out their April  if the commissioner also sent out monthly totals OR they would get a total of the entire league PLUS their home games.

You might want to create a test org. just to get familiar with how the process works.

Q: When I print my stats at the end of the game I receive an "illegal function" error.

A: Try saving your stats first, by unchecking the tabular and news boxes. Then print your box scores by going to the Reports pull down menu.

Q: Why do I have duplicates of players with the 1969 season?

A: If you have the 1969 NL season w/ Bal. and Min. you should only register the "1969a" file not "1969".

Q: Why am I missing pitchers on my roster?

A: You should go to the GM menu and select modify your rosters BEFORE going to pre-game setup and selecting and loading your teams. The first 25 players are loaded onto the teams active roster hitters first and then pitchers alphabetically. Without using the modify roster option in the organization menu to call-up or release players from your farm system you may think that pitchers are missing when in fact you have left them on your minor league farm system.

Q: What are the recommended settings?

A: (1) Play by Play: Default is set with the recommended settings.

(2) Text Speed: Set between 60 and 70.

(3) Windows 95/98 Display Control Panel: Appearance tab

Item — select Inactive Title Bar and select the red color.

(4) Your screen resolution should be set to 640x480 or 800x600 whichever looks best on your machine.

Q: Do you have any tips?

A: (1) Click on any player on the main screen to display their ratings, stats and player card.

(2) Click on the main screen to display lineups.

(3) Pre-game setup player lineup menu: Click on the opposing pitchers to view their stats to help you make lineup selections.

(4) To change a players position from LF to RF, RF to LF or CF to LF or RF if not listed in the positions, click on the small yellow position boxes to indicate which position you want him to play.

Q: How do I save or backup my stat files?

A: The master.dyn file contains the stat files. You should back up your master.dyn file on a regular basis to insure you have a backup copy of your organizations and stats. 

Q: Hi, I'm the commissioner of an 8-team league. I just set up the
organization on my computer, entered all the team information, and put
together all 8 teams' rosters. Is there a file in the Dynasty directory
that I can copy and send to the other individuals in my league who have
the game so that they don't have to go through all the work that I did? Or
will they have to do everything exactly as I did?

Brad McMillen
Pawtucket, RI

A: They will have to register the same season but should not have to re-enter
the information. Select the Import/export option under Organization. Select Export
Organization information - either put the file name with the name of your floppy or
export onto your hard disk and copy that file to a floppy (or email it). Each league member should import the organization information.

Q: Mike Bordick was up against a right hander in a non jam situation. Runners were on second and third. The defense called for the infield to play in at the corners. The roll was 352, normally a hard ground out to second. The way the rules have been explained before, the reverse type applies if the corners are in or the entire infield is in making this roll a single to left field. The opposition says it is a hard ground ball to second because only the corners are in and the second baseman is playing in a normal position. Just the corners being in would have no impact on the second baseman's ability to field the ball.

Bob Wieler
Richardson, TX

A: When I originally designed the Infield In results, I paid less attention to the corners in strategy in assigning positions for the hitter's card Hard Ground Out results since that is almost always used when a bunt is anticipated, whereas bringing the the Infield In is used to prevent a runner from third from scoring.

First off, the decrease in the range results by -3 when the "infield is in" provides the majority of the "penalty" for bringing the infield in. The 3b and 1b being effected when the "corners are in" and the whole infield effected when the "infield is in"

The more I thought about this I realized that when the "corners are In", that for the purpose of the situational "Infield In" results any time line 14 on the hitters card comes up and either the "infield is In" or the "corners are in" the special situational result should take effect: rf GROUND 1B lf (?) (since the game design never addressed positions specifically for infield in situational results).

Note: Dan Mintz asked a question related to this when for example with a "ss Hard Ground Out 2b" result and a RH pitcher on the mound, why does the Ground 1B go into left field when the ball is hit to 2b. The answer is that the normal situational results and all other situational results and not related. They are different play results that occur depending on the change in the situation.

Q: Could you please settle a dispute for us. Here is the example: Neifi Perez has a 60% (Minor League callup %) and he is on my team at the beginning of the season. After his 60% is up he cannot be used for the rest of the season. If I make the playoffs can he be used for 60% of the playoff games or is he done (0% for the playoffs)?

David Dobrzynski

A: Typically each new playoff series is treated as a separate "season". So in Perez's case he would be available on the roster for 60% of the games. The same is true with AB use ratings although they are reduced by the % of length of the playoff. So if you are playing a 7 game series, the player would be available for 4% ( 7/162) of his Use rating AB's.

Q: Can a manager hit and run with 2 outs? Those of us from the Don Zimmer school of managing will H&R with bases loaded, two outs, and in pretty much any situation we can! Some think it should be allowed with 2 outs to gain the +6 baserunning advantaqge instead of just the +1 2-out advantage.

A: There seems to be more confusion over the H&R play than any other play. Partly, there is a misunderstanding of what a H&R play is and when it can be implemented. You can H&R with 2 outs, however you do not add on the normal +1 addition as stated on the Baserunning chart.

The penalty for using the H&R includes:

You can H&R only with runners on:

In all other situations you can't H&R.

The Run & Hit play, which is not included in DYNASTY, is a different play that is used to try to advance a runner from 3rd to home. Sort of like a suicide squeeze without actually bunting.

Q: If a Jam pitcher in a jam situation throws a home run result to a non-clutch hitter who is hitting and running, what should the result be? By the rules, it appears the home run would turn into a deep fly since the Jam deep fly precedes the hit and run (foul?) on the hitter's card. This doesn't seem to make sense. It seems to us that the results should be flipped, with hit and run (foul?) coming first in the sequence.

A: I would tend to agree on this one. On this particular play, we are considering instituting a special rule for where the play result would be a strike and the runner must steal.

Q: If we are playing a fractional season, are injuries also reduced (i.e., if we are playing an 81 game season, would we halve all injury results?)? How about Bizarre Play results? Are those reduced or kept as written even in shortened seasons?

A: This is answered on page 7 of the Official rulebook.

Q: Clutch/Jam rules seem to be too simple. If his team is up 10-1 in the 4th inning, why would a hitter/pitcher be clutch/jam with a man in scoring position and two outs? Teams in the lead shouldn't receive clutch benefits.

Thanks for your help. We look forward to another fun season!

Abhishek Gami

A: The thinking here is that RSP/2outs is always a clutch situation because of the importance of this situation in driving in runs. While it's very true that the score does not dictate that this is a clutch situation, it does happen that teams comeback from 10 run deficits. As Whitey Herzog would frequently say when asked why his team would steal with a large lead and anger opponents, "They don't stop hitting HR when they have a big lead, why should we stop stealing bases?"

Q: Hello:
 I am the commissioner of a 5 team league we call the B.U.M. League
(Baseball's Ultimate Managers) We have just wrapped up our season using the 1998 card set, but before we get the 1999 card set and begin the new season, two questions have come up. First of all, Andres Gallaraga has just finished the second year of his regular phase contract (3 years, option for 4). He clearly will be on the Braves' spring training roster when they release in a few weeks, and thus would qualify to be in our league when we begin play. The problem is, though, that he will not have a card in the 1999 set. My question is how to handle this situation. Should his contract with his current team in our league be abolished, or must this team keep him (and pay him) for the upcoming season since he will be on the spring training roster? The same situation has comeup with Kerry Wood, who has just completed the first year of his prospect contract, and Tom Gordon, who did play last season but not enough to receive a card. I have found nothing in the rule book regarding this and thought you might be able to help.


A: Refer to page 11 #5. It's a tough pill to swallow, but MLB teams have to honor contracts with injured players as well. The team will still have to pay him even though he does not have a card.

  Q: Do you have suggestions for situations when a manager reads the wrong result on his player's card and then, later in the game, realizes his mistake?

A: This is sort of like batting out of turn, if you don't catch it right away you are really in a situation where you have to continue play as is. If it was a major gaffe, the Commissioner could accept a protest and the game have to be replayed from the point where the mistake was made. Of course, if it affected you and you won anyway you'd let it go.

Q: When a minor league phase player or a prospect player are traded to teams outside the player pool, are they also removed from the league?

 A: Yes.

Q: This has been asked a couple of times and due to the wording on answers, I ask that you be patient as I ask this question one more time.  Can you play your first baseman in AND hold the runner at the same time?  Yes or No.

Thanks for the great game.  I'm looking forward to the 57 & 99 seasons. Keep up the great work!

Rick Queary
Fat Elvis Baseball Collective
Ft. Worth, TX

A: No.

Q: We have some confusion on the short reliever rest.  Is it possible for a short reliever to go 1 inning on day one, 2 innings on day two, and 3 innings on day three, then rest?  My reading of the rule is the day he pitches 2 innings puts the short reliever in the two consecutive day situation.  So if he pitches 2 innings on day two, he is forced to rest. Could you please clarify?

  A: Yes, your reading of the rule is exactly right.

Q: Under the current catcher rest rule, would a catcher who caught the night before a day game be forced to use the RR rating if ONLY used as a pinch hitter? 

  A: No.

Q: What if he plays a position other than catcher (first base, for example)?

  A: Yes.

Q: Since the number of at bats each pitcher accumulated was not printed on the cards for 1999, and a pitcher can pinch hit if he has 60 or more at bats, do you have any plans to at least list the pitchers who qualify for pinch hit duty?

A: A good source for Pitcher AB is the STATS Handbook. You might also use IP as a guide. Use the formula below:

(IP/9)*3.1 AB

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